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Inspired by The Killers, Rage Against the Machine and Foo Fighters, Wire District is a fresh blend of melancholic vocals, pumping rhythms and catchy riffs. The band was founded in Delft, The Netherlands in the beginning of 2020 and consists of five enthusiastic musicians, each with a proven track record of live gigs.


Rooted in the cable factory it derived its name from, Wire District seeks to create connections. Engaging the audience is what the band loves to do, through captivating them with its rocky music with surprising twists in tempo and complexity, and through juxtaposing themes in its lyrics such as light and dark, hot and cold, and losing and finding one's self.


The year 2020 brought the COVID virus and the subsequent lockdown, which forced the band to creatively deal with a changed world, along with overcoming practical problems. This has led to the conception of its first EP titled ‘Find a Way’, which tells a hopeful tale about finding one's direction in life, through acceptance of things as they are and having a positive look forward.


“We look forward to playing our songs live and capture your imagination for a moment”.



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